Laser Scanning & BIM

Any environment can be realized and depicted in the most realistic digital representation. METI generates compelling deliverables using industry-leading laser scanners with high-resolution point clouds that can be easily integrated into BIM models.

Capable of capturing comprehensive photographic imagery of existing structures and infrastructure conditions, the 3D BIM model serves as an exhaustive reference tool, allowing for superior visualization of site conditions. Separate BIM models enable the client to readily manage very large point cloud files, capable of covering vast square footage areas of a building. All the details pertaining to the building, including dimensions, fabrication, elevation, and materials are condensed for efficient 3D viewing.

The essential advantage of this scanning technology is that it allows for the ability to capture the entire situation. Any forgotten detail may be obtained, extracted, or manipulated from the point cloud data storage at any time, even when the measured target or point cloud of interest is no longer available on site.