3D Modelling and P&IDs

METI generates 3D as-is models to which pertinent documentation can be added, such as access points, asset tags, and P&IDs. Field-collected data from laser scans, in the form of point clouds, renders very accurate to-scale models that represent existing structure and infrastructure conditions. The resultant virtual model and database may also be exported to complementary CAD systems as the basis for many of the facility’s workings in ongoing engineering projects and modifications.

Piping and Instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) are essential to the function of oil & gas process facilities as they showcase the complete network of pipes as well as interlocks between machinery and equipment components. P&IDs provide information on flow directions, equipment capacity, and many elements of instruments such as valve identifications.

METI ensures that 3D laser scanning is the only way to develop highly accurate and reliable P&IDs and that professionals will work off accurate data and avoid precision discrepancies incurred through conventional methods and techniques that may have drastic consequences in the long-term. METI takes pride in maintaining professionals’ trust that the information is exact to confidently rely on P&IDs in interpreting plans.